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Lean Coffee notes – 30/04/2015


  1. How to get your customer to test early and often
  2. How to sell kanban/kanban for business development
  3. Resistance to estimates
  4. Who knows agile! I do?



Lean Coffee notes – 26/03/2015

The notes of the breakfast lean coffee on new trends in lean & agile

Lean Coffee notes – 26/02/2015

Again a good lean coffee session!

Digipolis Antwerpen was our host, thank you!

During the session we referred to the youtube clip ‘manage work not workers

Notes by Arlette Vercammen and Bert Heymans

Lean Coffee notes – 29/01/2015

It was a great lean coffee session with a diner offered by Okaloa, thank you!

Notes by Arlette Vercammen

What kind of topic do I bring to the lean coffee?

Talk with peers and (other) practitioners about Lean, Kanban, Agile, TPS, or even Personal Kanban.

Join us if you get excited about limiting WIP, visualizing workflow, self-organizing teams, and change or even just want to know more about them.

But the best topics are real cases you want to share and analyze.

Together we can try to get closer to the root problem, get a deeper understanding of the current situation, and suggest a next experiment to be executed before jumping to conclusions/solutions.